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Hospital Dentistry

Hospital Dentistry Only Sounds Scary

When your child needs a dental procedure that requires general anesthesia, Harp Pediatric Dentistry keeps the experience as relaxed as possible for both child and parent. Dr. Dawoud outlines risks and benefits in detail to help you make choices you’ll feel good about, and we work with pediatric anesthesiologists to stay in compliance with standards and practices and keep procedures safe. The well-being and comfort of your child at all times is our number-one concern.

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When is Hospital Dentistry Recommended?

Careful Consideration is Made

Factors such as a child’s age, length of procedure needed, developmental issues, or anxiety level are taken into consideration when Harp Pediatric Dentistry recommends a dental procedure be performed in a hospital. As with any other surgery, sometimes a child must be unconscious to complete a dental treatment safely. Some examples are:

  • Procedures that take longer than usual
  • Extensive treatments that would make pain intolerable when awake
  • Medical condition, disability, or young age makes a lengthy procedure difficult

What’s the Process?

Tips on Talking Your Child About the Hospital

Dr. Dawoud will provide detailed post-operative instructions prior to scheduling any procedure that requires general anesthesia. You’ll be told what and when children can eat and drink and suggest child-friendly ways to discuss their upcoming procedure with them. Our team can assist you in finding age-appropriate language to increase your child’s comprehension and reassurance.

  • Easily understood words are usually the best choice. Avoid alarming phrases like “cut”, “sew”, or “needle”.
  • It may be helpful to say that mouths sometimes have to get fixed in the hospital—and that lots of other kids have to have their mouths fixed in the same way sometimes.
  • It may take your child a few days to absorb the information, and they may continue to have questions after a few days. We are happy to help you find clear ways to explain things.
parent talking to their child

Dr. Dawoud is a Top-Notch Hospital Dentist

Years of Compassion & Experience

Dr. Dawoud has command of dental surgery in a hospital setting due to many years of experience. His initial residency took place at NYU Lutheran Medical Center (now renamed NYU Langone Hospital—Brooklyn) as a general dentist. He followed up with an additional advanced residency at the same hospital, serving as chief resident while earning a specialty certification in Pediatric Dentistry and working with patients from all over the world. He has practiced hospital dentistry ever since.

  • He works with some of the top pediatric anesthesiologists in the country.
  • He has practiced hospital dentistry for the majority of his dental career.

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