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Sedation Dentistry

Dental Treatment Can Be Like a Dream

Harp Pediatric Dentistry makes a point to take attentive care of every patient and soothe their fears, but sometimes an extra boost is needed to make dental appointments easier. Dr. Dawoud has years of training in the administration of safe pediatric sedation techniques. If your child has a sensitive gag reflex, finds it hard to sit still, or deals with developmental issues that complicate dental treatment, sedation dentistry can be effective in keeping things more comfortable all around.

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IV Sedation Team, Dr. Rice and Nurse Lauren. Nothing but the best for your children!

IV Sedation Team, Dr. Rice and Nurse Lauren. Nothing but the best for your children!

Sedation Dentistry

Safety & Information

Some people hear the words “sedation dentistry” and assume patients are always made completely unconscious. This is a myth! Harp Pediatric Dentistry uses conscious sedation. This allows children to remain alert enough to respond to verbal cues from Dr. Dawoud and the team.

  • Conscious sedation controls pain and helps kids relax.
  • Children under sedation remain conscious, but sleepy or in a dreamlike state.
  • Children under conscious sedation are breathing on their own at all times.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

(Also Known as “Laughing Gas”)

Nitrous oxide is the mildest form of sedation. Your child breathes through a mask and may get the giggles. Nitrous oxide wears off within minutes after dental work is done, and to ensure your child has a clear head, they breathe pure oxygen through the mask for a few minutes before you leave.

  • If your child can tolerate wearing a mask, nitrous oxide can be a useful form of sedation.
  • Your child will seem woozy, breathing independently and able to respond to verbal cues.
  • Your child will be relaxed during treatment and should return to their usual selves quickly.

IV Sedation

It’s Over Before They Know It

IV sedation is used when treatment may be too extensive for a child. It is commonly used for long, extensive dental treatments, for children with extreme anxiety or those with more pronounced disabilities or developmental issues that make dental treatment difficult.

  • Dawoud works with pediatric anesthesiologists for the safest possible sedation experience.
  • Anesthesia and sedation are administered separately, but sedation works together with anesthesia for pain control and alleviation of physical discomfort.
  • For more information about anesthesia, visit our Hospital Dentistry page
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