“The office is super clean. The entire team is friendly. The doctor made the girls feel safe and comfortable. The entire experience was effortless.”

David D.

“The doctor and team were incredible. The entire team was professional and friendly. Thanks to Harp Pediatric Dentistry we definitely have found our new regular dentist office.”

Abigail L.

“The doctor and team members are great. They are very patient and take the time to make sure the kids are comfortable while doing the exam. They always go above and beyond.”

Megan M.

“My kids, who were formerly fearful of dentists, love it at Harp Pediatric Dentistry. They legit get excited for their visits. Every single team member is so friendly and welcoming. They really have a way of making the kids feel safe and happy.”

Daina B.

“Harp Pediatric Dentistry is wonderful and so kid-friendly. We had one of the best experiences! The team was so kind, patient and helpful. Love this office so much.”

Deshaney V.

“We had a great experience with the doctor at Harp Pediatric Dentistry. He and his team were very kind and professional! They were able to put my son at ease who has high anxiety about going to the dentist. So glad we found this office!”

Jody K.

“I think I hit the dentist jackpot! Harp Pediatric Dentistry was seriously the best and fastest dentist I have ever been to.”

Keila D.

“The doctor is very professional and really cares about his patients!”

Celia A.

“Best dentist in the southeast United States. We love the doctor!”

Marc L.

“Thorough and kind dentist and team. Consider the parents’ presence and concerns, as well the child’s well-being. We had an outstanding experience.”

Kim A.

“We had an amazing experience at Harp Pediatric Dentistry! The team was very friendly and welcoming. The doctor was fantastic! We’ll be going back here regularly!”

Mary W.

“Great office and team! Smooth and efficient.”

Kim E.

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