Pediatric Oral Surgery

When it comes to oral surgery, it’s understandable to be a bit worried—but rest assured our experts are adept in providing oral surgery procedures with years of experience. Our team at Harp Pediatric Dentistry in Palm Harbor, FL is attuned to your child’s comfort, actively working to ease not only their mind but yours, too. Our care is tailored to provide the most positive experience and favorable outcome for the specific needs of your child.

Lip & Tongue-Tie Laser Surgery

We all have frenum, a fixed piece of tissue attached to moving soft tongue or lip tissue. Some people are born with frenum that are too tight or too low. In babies, a lip or tongue-tie can prevent successful breastfeeding. In older children, this frenum anomaly may lead to jaw pain or clicking, tooth decay, inflamed gums, and difficulty eating or speaking.

  • Frenectomy is a laser procedure to remove or reshape the frenum.
  • Frenectomy is fast, noninvasive, and can be performed in-office.
  • Laser frenectomy vaporizes affected tissue and eliminates the need for cutting.

Tooth Extractions

Harp Pediatric Dentistry takes every measure to repair and recover optimal function to your child’s natural teeth, but sometimes extraction cannot be avoided. If a tooth is too decayed to respond to pulp therapy, is fractured beyond repair, or is crowding other teeth, extraction may be the best solution.

  • Children should only eat soft food and avoid drinking with straws for at least 24 hours after extraction and avoid touching the extraction area.
  • For the first week following extraction, incorporate a salt water rinse and use kid-sized ice packs.
  • Encourage kids to brush as often as they usually would, but very gently.

If your kid needs a dental surgical procedure, don’t hesitate to call us or book an appointment since the more you delay, the worse the condition can get.

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